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Liberal Arts Honors at UT Austin

Liberal Arts Honors at UT Austin

By Alison Murr

Sitting on 431 acres next to the heart of downtown Austin, Texas, sits the University of Texas at Austin. Founded in 1883, UT Austin is a public research university that offers 170 majors for their 41,000 undergraduate students. It is most known for its engineering, social sciences, and business majors, as well as their six honors programs. The cost of attendance is around $52,000, which includes tuition, room and board, and other fees. The student to teacher ratio is 13:1 and the male to female ratio is almost 1:1.

One of the many honors programs that UT Austin offers is called the Liberal Arts Honors. LAH is a highly selective program, in which only 140 students that apply are able to get in. The program is geared towards students who are solely interested in a liberal arts education. In addition to offering courses for majors in the liberal arts department, such as English, History, and Economics, the LAH program offers specialty classes. Such classes include ‘Idea of Reacting to the Past’, Professional/Career Devel, and Rejection Immunity.

Many students in the LAH program decide to double major, get a certificate, or minor in another field. Classes at UT Austin can count for dual credit, which allows students to get through their graduation requirements much faster. Over spring break, I spoke with multiple students who are currently enrolled in the LAH program, two are Juniors and one is a Freshman. One of the Juniors was able to double major as well as get a certificate and was planning to graduate this year. The other Junior I spoke with spoke enthusiastically about all of the housing options available to students, including the “Honors Quad,” a section of housing only for students in any of the honors programs. The Freshman spoke of the required classes for Freshman, including ‘Idea of Reacting to the Past.’ The course has students look at different periods throughout history as important figures during that time. According to the UT Austin website, the class uses “...historical role playing to allow students to develop public speaking and debate skills.” The class also teaches students to look into and understand other people’s perspectives, even if they’re not ones that the students agree with.

With many different majors to choose from, the Liberal Arts Honors program is great for all different types of students looking for a liberal arts education. For more information about the LAH program, visit


Size: about 41,000

Male to female ratio: almost 1:1

Teacher to student ratio: 18:1

Price: ~$52,000

Percent of Financial aid: 40%

Endowment: 15 billion

Located in Austin, Texas

Acceptance rate: 40%

Graduation rate: 81%

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