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Temple University Japan: Where You Can Get an American Degree in Tokyo

Temple University Japan: Where You Can Get an American Degree in Tokyo

By Klaudia Jablonska

When applying to college, students are often torn between colleges that give them the most bang for their buck and those with the highest quality of education. Temple University, however, allows you to get the quality education of any high ranking American university for a reasonable price, while also providing students with the option to explore and live in Tokyo, Japan. With its international location, students are exposed to various cultures and environments that are foreign to them.

Since Temple University is a small college — much smaller than their two other campuses in Rome and Philadelphia — students are able to receive more personal and direct attention. Although the school’s faculty provide students with all the tools necessary for them to succeed, it is ultimately up to the students to find their way and make the most of what they have. By pushing students to use their language skills, critical thinking, and the variety of tools they are given, students thrive in diverse work environments. The most popular major at Temple University is International Business Studies; studying in Tokyo provides a valuable hands-on experiences in global business hubs within Tokyo. In the past, students have interned at various large corporations such as Audi, Amazon, Youtube, Mitsubishi, Texas Instruments, national embassies, and more.

Since the main campus is in the United States, Temple University Japan offers an American degree while studying in Tokyo. Tuition, however, is charged at the Japanese rate, regardless of your residence, making it cheaper than going out of state for college in the United States. The average tuition is as low as $14,766. Since the institution’s main campus is located right in Philadelphia, financial aid documents like the FAFSA are accepted by the college as well as outside scholarships and merit-based scholarships which are offered by the school.

Like many other schools, Temple University Japan runs on a semester system, with an optional third semester in the summer for students who need to catch up on their studies or would like to be a step ahead of the program. The campus life at the university is very urban because once you step off campus, you’re in the city. Popular activities that students participate in during their free time include shopping, sightseeing, trying new foods, hiking in the mountains, going to the beach, and snowboarding. And if Tokyo is not enough of an adventure for you, students can choose to study abroad at either the other two university campuses or through programs around the world, with popular areas in Korea, China, Brazil, Germany, Spain, London, and Taiwan.

If students are planning to apply to Temple University Japan, the application is not much different than your typical American university. Temple University Japan is on Common Application, but it has a separate application from its main campus in Philadelphia. The university also has its own application on its website. Students can submit transcripts and recommendations through Naviance. When applying to Temple University Japan, the importance of genuinity was emphasized by admissions personnel. It is also important to note that applications can be transparent and admission officers know when students are lying or doing certain activities for the sake of doing them. It is recommended that you take some extra time and emphasize why Japan and Temple University Japan would be the best fit for you in your personal statements or essays. A genuine essay can makean application stand out in the eyes of Temple University Japan admission officers.

  • Private

  • Amount of Undergraduate Students: 1,200 students

  • Male to Female Ratio: N/A

  • Student to Teacher Ratio: N/A

  • Overall Cost: $14,766

  • Percentage of Students on Financial Aid: N/A

  • $ Size of Endowment: N/A

  • Location of School: Urban- Tokyo, Japan

  • Admission Rate: ~90%

  • Graduation Rate: N/A

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