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Is College in Spain Meant For You?

Is College in Spain Meant For You?

By Klaudia Jablonska

For anyone interested in studying abroad or anyone who has even the slight interest of moving to another country for college, IE University in Segovia is an option to consider. IE University is a private university with an undergraduate population of about 2,000 students. The university is owned by Instituto de Empresa S.L. with campuses in both Madrid and Segovia. IE University is one of the most international and diverse schools in the world, and conveniently all classes are taught in English. Although students are required to take another language -- usually Spanish -- there are other languages offered as well. This language requirement enhances students’ minds and enables them to be prepared to work in different international work environments.

Since IE University is one of the most international schools in the world, everyone there is from different parts of the world. Over 80% of the student population is not from Spain; 150 out of the 195 nationalities in the world are represented among the student population. The school has an entrepreneurial spirit, as the school uses innovative teaching styles through the use of simulations and encouraging students to work with different companies or labs, causing a worldwide recognition of the university. Many students from IE University are recruited for jobs at the international level before graduation. The different research and internship opportunities offered to students propels their ability to get hired by a company or corporation. The prestige of the school and its highly ranked relationships among the world enhances companies to come to the school to recruit students for internships, labs, and much more. IE gives its students many opportunities to explore their career options in order to help them figure out what they want to do with their lives while studying. The many international internships and research opportunities involve working for Google, KPMG, the World Bank, or start-up companies -- it all depends on what you want to do.

Campus life in Spain largely resembles that of the campus life in the United States, with maybe a few minor differences. For starters, there are resident halls among the two campuses; Segovia has more on-campus housing while Madrid is home to a more urban environment, so students tend to live walking distance from the school. In contrast to schools in the United States, IE tends to be more student-run and focused, in that you have the space to do whatever you want on campus, whether it be clubs or different events. With over 250 clubs, students are guaranteed to find something for them, and if not they can always create clubs or events, ranging from cultural events to fun gatherings. From the second you land in Spain, everyone on campus becomes your family and friend. At IE, there is a sense of belonging that everyone gets to experience, even if you are shy. Since everyone is typically from a different country and everyone is so different from one another, people are kind and very involved.

IE University in Segovia offers 12 specialized programs for students to study, with similar prestige and academic caliber as the Ivy League Schools. Some of the most popular majors at IE include anything in Business, Economics, Law, Architecture, or any of the five year dual degree programs. The application to the school is similar to any other school in the United States, with the option to apply through either the Common Application or through the school’s website.   The school is different from many other schools in the U.S. in the sense that your general education classes do not account for two of the four years in college. At IE, you claim your major and study for four years for your career. As long as you have a chosen major prospect that you want to pursue you will fit right in, because these specialized programs are there to help students figure out what they want to do in the future career wise. Although the IE University in Segovia is already internationally located, there are still over 160 study abroad option offered ranging from Singapore to the U.S. IE University is only partnered with other highly prestigious schools, and it actually blocks off one semester for students to go study abroad because the university wants its students to experience everything that college has to offer them in order to be better equipped for life.

  • Private

  • Amount of Undergraduate Students: 2,085 students

  • Male to Female Ratio: N/A

  • Student to Teacher Ratio: N/A

  • Overall Cost: $22,400

  • Percentage of Students on Financial Aid: N/A

  • $ Size of Endowment: N/A

  • Location of School: Urban- Segovia, Spain

  • Admission Rate: 80-90%

  • Graduation Rate: N/A

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