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Interested in Health Science? EKU is right for you!

Interested in Health Science? EKU is right for you!

By Sasha Aristizabal

Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) is a public school located in rural Richmond, Kentucky. EKU offers a variety of academic choices through both a traditional degree and and online degrees for those who decide to not be a full-time student. EKU is a Division 1 school and is best known for its basketball program, although the school also has a competitive football team. While EKU is a small school in comparison to other D-1 schools, the institution still faces both big and large schools alike, which creates excitement throughout the university. School spirit is overwhelming at EKU, especially at its basketball and football home games. EKU also offers Greek life at its campus, many of which have historical background organizations. These sororities and fraternities are found on campus, among which over 8,000 students reside in the normal dormitory. Students who live on-campus say that it is a very friendly environment and that most of the faculty and students will go out of their way to assist others in need.

Eastern Kentucky University is not just one school but a university with six colleges: College of Letters, Arts & Social Sciences; College of Business & Technology; College Of Education; College of Health Sciences; College of Justice & Safety; and College of Science. The College of Health Sciences focuses on the improvement of human health through scientific research. All the programs in this college focus on trying to improve life through different aspects. The majors in this college that are available are: Exercise and Sport Science (ESS), Recreation and Park Administration (RPA), Family and Consumer Sciences, Apparel and Design Merchandising (ADM), General Dietetics, Environmental Health Science (EHS), Medical Laboratory Science (MLS), Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, Baccalaureate and Graduate Nursing, Health Services Administration, and Public Health. Out of all these majors, the nursing program -- including Baccalaureate and Graduate level programs -- is the most popular, while Occupational Health and Environmental Science is a close second. While most people entering into this college may be truly interested in health sciences, one of the admissions representatives of EKU admits that some go into this field for the salary.  While studying at the College of Health Sciences, it is a requirement for each major to take on at least one internship. Through this requirement, students are guaranteed to be prepared and have some experience before they graduate.

Other than academics, students may come to Kentucky for a variety of events, first and foremost of which is the Kentucky Derby. The Kentucky Derby is a horse race held in Louisville, Kentucky on the first Saturday of May. Many people place bets on which horse is most likely to win and can earn over a million dollars  in winnings. If horses are not for you, Kentucky also boasts two national parks: Mammoth Cave National Park and Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. In addition, EKU provides its students with the athletic experience outside of their own school. Besides the sports offered at EKU, many are attracted to the sports teams at University of Kentucky. If EKU fails to make it to the championships, students are welcome to go over to University of Kentucky.

When the semester finishes, students are encouraged to travel and study abroad. The most popular time to go is after first semester finals when the winter term begins. The winter term is about four weeks from the end of first semester to the beginning of the second semester. There is also a summer term and a full semester term. The most popular places to go study abroad would be in countries all around Europe and Southern American countries. While there, internships are also available so that students can gain international experience while also taking classes.

Ultimately, EKU provides a unique educational experience for its student body, particularly for those interested in health sciences. Any students interested in the university can visit the EKU website at for additional information.

  • Public

  • Undergraduate population: 16000

  • Male to Female Ratio :40/60

  • Student to Teacher Ratio 16:1

  • Overall Cost $32,902

  • Percentage of Students on Financial Aid: 97%

  • Size of Endowment- 60.7 million

  • Location of School Richmond, Kentucky Rural

  • Acceptance Rate: 71%

  • Graduation Rate: 43%

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