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What Are You Waiting For, Come Watch The Devil In Action

What Are You Waiting For, Come Watch The Devil In Action

By Klaudia Jablonska

At the end of December, Netflix released three seasons of “Lucifer,” a television show that would have gone off the air after season three before Netflix decided to continue production. In the pilot episode of the show, the audience is introduced to Lucifer (Tom Ellis) who was the ruler of Hell before he decided to take a break and come down to Earth five years prior. On Earth, he became the owner of the highly exclusive nightclub, Lush. The episode introduces Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) very quickly as one of Lucifer’s friends, Delilah, is killed. In the search of justice, Lucifer is convinced to find and punish Delilah’s killer, with or without the help of the police. At the end of the episode, Detective Decker realizes Lucifer can be a useful asset to the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and Lucifer finds himself intrigued by the concept of being a consultant for the police. Lucifer has a certain devilish charm to him that lets him learn a person’s deepest and darkest desires, a magic ability given to him by his father, God.

Throughout season one, Lucifer becomes fascinated with Detective Decker and the thrill of catching murders. With his good looks and charisma, Lucifer easily slides his way into a consulting position for the LAPD to stay close to Detective Decker. Upon starting his new position, Lucifer endangers his friendship with his long time friend, Mazikeen Smith (Lesley-Ann Brandt). Mazikeen, also referred to as Maze, is a demon who is known as one of Hell’s most skilled torturers and she is also one of Lucifer’s most loyal followers.

As the ruler of Hell, Lucifer enjoys perks including immortality and superhuman strength. However, this all changes quickly into the season, when he is trying to convince Detective Decker that he is immortal and yells at her to shoot him. She eventually cracks and shoots Lucifer in the leg, giving him a flesh wound and instantly becomes the first person to make the Devil bleed without healing. This mysterious incident caused Lucifer to search for the reason behind his mortality in the presence of Detective Decker. Over the course of the seasons, the audience learns that this mortality is controlled by God. Long before Lucifer came down to Earth, God orders Amenadiel to come down to Earth to bless a couple trying to have a baby. The audience later learns that her blessed birth gives her some sort of mystical powers that render Lucifer mortal.

Throughout the show, the audience follows Lucifer’s journey of becoming human and changing his identity from the Devil he once was. Lucifer learns to be selfless and shares the anecdotes of his lessons with the audience.

The third season ends on a cliffhanger by airing two bonus episodes from the upcoming season of the show. It is unknown exactly when season four will be available on Netflix but some speculate that the season should be available in April or May. Many fans wonder how Netflix will change the production of the show. Based on how Netflix organizes it’s other shows, it is likely that season four of “Lucifer” will contain only ten episodes instead of twenty four.

Release Date: Jan. 25, 2016

Rating: 8.2/10

Creator: Tom Kapinos


Tom Ellis… Lucifer Morningstar

Lauren German… Chloe Decker

Lesley-Ann Brandt… Mazikeen Smith

Rachael Harris… Dr. Linda Martin

Kevin Alejandro… Detective Dan

D.B. Woodside… Amenadiel

Aimee Garcia… Ella Lopez

Production Companies: Fox Broadcasting Company, Netflix

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