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Roosevelt University Visits Northside

Roosevelt University Visits Northside

By Yonatan Derbew

When students think of where they want to go to college, many choose to stay near home. Located on Michigan Avenue, Roosevelt is in the heart of downtown Chicago and right besides Lake Michigan. Roosevelt’s undergraduate size is on the smaller side with about 4,500 students. It takes in a larger applicant pool with an acceptance rate of 70%. Roosevelt also has a student-faculty ratio of 11:1 which allows students to get more time with their professors. However, Roosevelt has one undermining statistic: the graduation rate. Roosevelt’s graduation rate is 30% in 6 years.

With about one third of its students graduating, Roosevelt shows how public universities with a larger tuition can make it difficult for students to prioritize their education. However, Roosevelt awards 94% of its students with financial aid which helps to make college affordable. Roosevelt’s scholarships start at an amount between $10,000 and $19,000 and is the same regardless of your housing options

At Roosevelt University, students have the opportunity to explore -- whether in Chicago or the rest of the world. The university gives its students free ventra cards so that they are able to take public transportation throughout Chicago. Students also have the ability to minor in languages such as Italian, French, and German. This gives students the opportunity to study abroad in other countries, including England, Poland, and Spain. During these programs, students get the opportunity to receive an education while also traveling the world.

Roosevelt is located in one of the most preeminent cities in the world. This gives Roosevelt’s students a platform to not only explore and develop their interests but also immerse themselves in a diverse and engaging environment. Although Roosevelt may not have the best graduation rate, the experiences it offers are priceless.

  • Male-Female Ratio: 38:62

  • Student-Faculty Ratio 11:1

  • Private or Public: Private

  • Tuition: $30,000

  • Undergraduate Size: 4,500

  • Environment: Downtown Chicago

  • Endowment: $110 million

  • Percent of students that receive financial aid: 94%

  • Location: Chicago, Illinois

  • Acceptance Rate: 70%

  • Graduation Rate: 30%

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