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Why Marquette Could Be The Right Fit For You

Why Marquette Could Be The Right Fit For You

By Esther Huescas

“Be the difference,” is Marquette’s motto, and its representative stressed that all Marquette students strive to reach that standard. On Thursday, Oct. 11, students eagerly lined up to ask the representative about what the university has to offer. Marquette University, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a private Catholic/Jesuit affiliated institution, and has approximately 8,335 undergraduate students.

Marquette may be affiliated with the Catholic Church, yet 60% of its enrolled students come from public schools, and only 32% come from Catholic schools. The biggest indicator of its diversity, however, is that 72% of the student body is from out-of-state. As such, it is safe to say everyone can find a home in Marquette. The representative said, “85% of our students are involved in community service; this is where our church values show.”

When asked about the study abroad opportunities, the representative said, “It is a huge part of our school’s culture. We have programs in six out of the seven continents; the only place we do not offer a program is in Antarctica.” Thirty percent of Marquette students study abroad during their undergraduate years. It is also important to note that, when asked if undergraduate students are able to participate in research, the representative said, “Yes, it is really easy. Many students ask their professors to be involved as early as their freshman year.” According to data, 20 percent of students participate in undergraduate research.

Marquette University has an acceptance rate of 74 percent and admits applicants on a rolling basis, with a decision out in 2-3 weeks after you apply. Since it is a private university, it comes with a cost, but Marquette helps approximately 98% of all admits with financial aid directly from the institution.

Marquette students noted that there are a lot of fun activities on campus, from the service trips to the school-organized events. Milwaukee has a dynamic and exciting nightlife with concerts, festivals, and restaurants. The beach shared with the local universities is a bus ride away, where students spend their time when they are not studying. Marquette students also spend their time playing intramural sports and participating in the more than 300 clubs and organizations available at the university. These opportunities are what make 89 percent of students come back for the second year.

Dorming on campus is a big part of Marquette culture.  “95 percent of students live on-campus,” said the representative. The representative also explained how Marquette recently renovated a new dormitory which they called “The Commons.” The Commons is a new, 980-bed facility which is open 24/7.  The Commons was a big success on campus because a lot of students like to hang out and study there.

When the representative was asked what advice she would give applicants, she felt the most important aspect to consider in the application was the college choices at Marquette. Prospective students do not apply with a major; instead, they apply directly into one of the university’s seven colleges. The representative said, “You have to make sure the colleges you are applying to have what you are passionate about.” The representative also said that she recommends you spend a lot of time on the essay because it is something they highly consider. Lastly, the representative stressed how important demonstrated interest is and seeing if Marquette is the right fit for you, the key is to visit the campus.

  • Private Catholic/Jesuit University

  • 8,335 undergraduate students

  • 1:1 Male to Female Ratio

  • 14:1 Student to Faculty Ratio

  • Cost of Attendance: $51,726

  • 98% of students receive financial aid

  • 550.1 million dollars in endowment

  • Urban in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • 74% Acceptance Rate

  • 79% Graduation Rate

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