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Go Blue or Go Home

Go Blue or Go Home

By Yonatan Derbew

On Oct. 30, the University of Michigan (UMich) came to Northside for an informational meetings for prospective students. The university, one of the nation’s top public research institutions, is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. UMich has an undergraduate population of about 30,000 students and an acceptance rate of 29%, making it one of the more competitive schools nationally. The tuition is about $15,000 after need-based financial aid, but students may also be considered for merit scholarships. Students are recommended to apply early action because it not only increases their chances of acceptance, but also allows them to receive more financial aid. This is especially true for Northsiders because the tuition for non-residents of Michigan is nearly double of that for residents, costing over $60,000.

Since the University of Michigan is a public institution, the majority of its students come from within the state. The tuition for residents ($30,928) is much cheaper than it is for non-residents ($64,386). In order to qualify for financial aid, UMich requires that you file the FAFSA.

The University of Michigan has one of the best research programs in the nation. With over one billion dollars set aside for research, UMich provides its students with a variety of opportunity to research and conduct studies about topics that interest them. UMich has 14 schools of study for just its undergraduate population, which gives its students many options when choosing their major. UMich also has dual applications, meaning prospective students can apply to multiple schools at the same time. If students want to study abroad, they have the opportunity to take part in one of Michigan’s many study abroad programs in countries such as Spain, Japan, and Brazil. With a student-faculty ratio of 12:1, UMich students can spend more time individually with their professors. If students cannot meet with a professor, they can reach out and ask for help from one of Michigan’s academic support programs, making it clear that the University of Michigan is a university that both challenges their students and helps them succeed.

The University of Michigan is an institution that is renowned not only for its academics but also its athletics. UMich is a Division 1 school for 29 varsity sports. Students also have the ability to participate in club and intramural sports if they do not do varsity sports. In fact, the UMich men’s basketball team reached the championship round in the 2018 March Madness Tournament, although they ended up losing to Villanova. Michigan’s football team also plays in the BIG 10 conference against other schools such as the University of Illinois, UW Madison, Ohio State, and Michigan State University. Michigan has had a rivalry with Michigan State since 1898. They play each year for the Governor of Michigan trophy. The University of Michigan currently has possession of the trophy after this year’s win and has the advantage with a record of 37-27-2 against Michigan State. Since athletics play a large role in the school’s culture, students always have the opportunity to go to a game on the weekend.

At the University of Michigan, students have the opportunity to make connections and explore new interests. They have the opportunity to go to a Wolverines’ game with their peers or join one of Michigan’s 1500 student organizations and clubs. The University of Michigan combines academics, athletics, and activities, ensuring that all their students have the opportunity to pursue their interests and meet new people.

  • Male female ratio: 50:49

  • Student faculty ratio: 12:1

  • Private or public: Public

  • Tuition: $30,928 (In State), $64,386 (Out of State)

  • Undergraduate size: 29,821

  • Environment: Urban city

  • Endowment: $10.9 billion

  • % of students that receive financial aid: 67%

  • Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan

  • Acceptance rate: 29%

  • Graduation rate: 91%

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