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Loyola University Chicago: Staying Close and Reaching Far

Loyola University Chicago: Staying Close and Reaching Far

By Sarah Kamal

Loyola University Chicago, located south of Rogers Park, was founded in 1870 and is currently one of the most largest Catholic colleges in the U.S. Offering over 80 different majors ranging from African studies to theatre, their most notable fields are health sciences, business administration, and education. The university’s undergraduate enrollment numbers exceed 10,000 students.  Located on a 105 acre campus on the coast Lake Michigan, students have the opportunity to study on the lakefront in their free time, as well as in the library, the Daman Academic Center, or the East Quad.

Chicago residents who choose to attend Loyola University Chicago can look forward to city-exclusive benefits, such as discounted ventra cards, museum tickets, and tickets to sporting events. This allows students to explore the city and all it has to offer. All students are required to live on campus for their first two years of undergrad in order to integrate themselves more with the school’s community. As a result, students have easier access to the different activities the city has to offer.

Loyola also offers an inclusive study abroad program. There are over 150 programs in 70 different countries where students can study abroad without disturbing the standard four year track. For certain locations like Vietnam and Rome, students’ tuition grants and scholarships transfer over so that the only required payment is the flight. Loyola believes that it is important for students to experience the community instead of staying in a classroom setting all day, so it strongly encourages its students to integrate themselves in their surroundings during their stay abroad. The program is not major specific, which gives Loyola students the opportunity to study wherever they choose without being limited by certain academic restrictions.

The university believes that students should not be pressured to pursue a certain field right away. As a result, Loyola students are allowed to wait until their sophomore year of college to decide on a major. If for some reason a student wants to change their major, they are more than welcomed to do so. Career advisors work diligently to ensure that students are getting the education that is best suited for them.

Luke McCalvin, an assistant director at Loyola University Chicago’s undergraduate office, believes that is important for seniors in high school who are considering to attend Loyola to visit multiple times. The first visit is a standard tour that gives students a general idea of what the school offers and the campus/dorm life. During the second or third visit, prospective students are able to sit in on classes and even stay overnight. This allows students to fully see the college experience that they would be getting at the university.

Loyola University Chicago focuses on academics while also ensuring that students get a full college experience. Its programs and study abroad opportunities offer students unique opportunities they may not experience elsewhere. Students interested in scheduling a visit to Loyola should make sure to check their website along at

  • Private College

  • About 11,400 total undergrad enrollment

  • Heavily female populated

  • 14:1 student to teacher ratio

  • About 60,000 tuition

  • 95% of freshmen receive financial aid

  • 750 million dollars in endowment

  • Urban / Chicago, IL

  • 71% acceptance rate

  • 73% graduation rate

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