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The Holiday Calendar: A Cliche but Feel Good Christmas Movie

The Holiday Calendar: A Cliche but Feel Good Christmas Movie

By Esther Huescas

The holidays are often a time of reminiscing on the past year. Magic and love are in the air and in Netflix’s “The Holiday Calendar,” directed by Bradley Walsh, the feel-good romantic comedy will be sure to make you feel this way. The film illustrates the blend between the magical side of the holidays and the importance of family.

The film stars Kat Graham and Quincy Brown as the main protagonists. Kat Graham plays Abby Sutton, a struggling photographer who has lived her entire life in her small town. Quincy Brown plays Josh Barton, a successful travel photographer who recently decided to come back home to their small town. Abby and Josh are best friends who lost touch when Josh began to travel the world, but when he comes back home they quickly become close again. Abby and Josh begin to work at the same photography studio in town. Abby’s grandfather, played by Ron Cephas Jones, gifts Abby an antique advent Christmas calendar which used to belong to Abby’s recently deceased grandmother. Abby was feeling particularly unlucky in her love and professional lives before realizing that the holiday calendar had magical powers.

Starting Dec. 1, Abby would wake up to find one of the doors in the calendar open with a small toy behind it. On the first day she opened it to find a pair of boots. Oddly enough, later on in the day Josh gives her a pair of boots from his trip. On the next day, a Christmas tree toy was inside, and later on that day she was hit by a Christmas tree that had fallen off a car. The owner of the tree was a young single dad doctor named Ty Walker, played by Ethan Peck. There was immediate chemistry between Abby and Ty, and Abby could not help but think it had something to do with the calendar. She disclosed her suspicions to Josh who also believed that there was something going on with the calendar. As the days went on, the toys continued to match up to events in Abby’s life, and they continued to lead her to Ty and eventually to their daily dates.

Meanwhile, Josh is hurt and confused by the sudden relationship Abby is forming with Ty, but continues to be supportive. Josh makes plans to go see “The Christmas Story” in the local theater with his roommate and Abby. Abby promises to make it on time, even though she has a date with Ty beforehand. Abby ends up not making it, disappointing herself and Josh. Ty fails to understand why Abby is mad at herself for missing the movie since they had come from volunteering at a soup kitchen. This is when Abby discloses to Ty the importance and magic behind the calendar, although he does not believe her and finds it all to be funny. Abby ends up breaking up with him because he does not take her seriously and their priorities and morals fail to align.

Josh is heartbroken by Abby’s betrayal but chooses to forgive since she was hurting from her break up as well. The mayor attends the town’s winter wonderland event which Abby photographs after the original photographer cannot make it. This is the big break Abby had been looking forward to and the one that could help her open the photography center of her dreams. After the event, she had the opportunity to meet the mayor, while Josh planned on downloading her pictures onto to the computer. Sadly, there was a mix up and the pictures were lost. This caused a strain in their relationship and the two did not talk again until Christmas, when Josh surprised her with an apology.

If you want to find out how Josh surprised Abby, you will have to watch it yourself. The plot is not very complex and the movie is family friendly. It has received a lot of negative backlash, but in order to enjoy the movie it is important to come into it with an open mind. It will not leave you with any thought provoking questions, but it does emphasize the importance of treating those you love well. “The Holiday Calendar” is a cute Christmas movie that is perfect to watch with your friends or family.

Release date: November 2nd, 2018

Rating: 5.8/10 IMDb

Directors: Bradley Walsh


Kat Graham as Abby Sutton

Quincy Brown as Josh Barton

Ethan Peck as Ty Walker

Ron Cephas Jones as Gramps

Genelle Williams as Sarah Sutton

Screenplay: Nancy Meyers

Production companies: Motion Picture Corporation of America

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