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Are You Into Being a Bruin?

Are You Into Being a Bruin?

By Maya Gorman

Ranked as the top public university in the United States by the Wall Street Journal, the University of California in Los Angeles is one of the most academically rigorous institutions in the country. With over 31,000 students and more than 1,000 clubs and student organizations, UCLA offers limitless opportunities that a variety of students can enjoy. UCLA is the smallest University of California school, but it has the biggest population. It is diverse, and its student body is 30% Asian American, 28% Caucasian, 20% Hispanic, and 3% African American.

The school guarantees housing for the first three years and over 97% of freshmen live on campus.

UCLA offers 130 majors and over 90 minors. With 3,800 courses, ⅔ of classes at UCLA have 30 students or fewer, providing students with a small school experience with big school benefits. Strong programs at UCLA include psychology, political science, economics, English, anthropology, engineering and applied science, and performing arts. The School of Engineering and Applied Science is acclaimed for its rigor and for its Nobel-Prize winning faculty. Half of the students at UCLA participate in research outside of the classroom and UCLA is ranked seventh in the nation for federal research funding, earning about one billion dollars in research funding annually. The School of Film, Theatre and Television is also notable and students enrolled there can take the Theatre Overseas program where they can study in Verona, Italy. There is a Career Fair that happens every fall so students can find job opportunities outside of the classroom. One complaint about UCLA is that because it is a research university, professors spend a lot of time doing their own research, and teaching classes becomes their second priority. Students are granted counseling and there is a three-day summer program for freshman where they can become oriented to life on campus and get introduced to UCLA and its classes and programs.

The food at UCLA is renowned for it quality and variety. There are 15 dining halls, cafes and restaurants on campus, ensuring that everyone is well fed. Other than eating, there are plenty of activities on campus and as it is located right near L.A., plenty of activities to do outside as well. Off-campus, Westwood has a large social life with lots of theaters and restaurants. UCLA is also only five miles from the beach and a short car ride from the mountains. On campus, there are about 60 fraternities and sororities and about 30% of undergraduates join these. Greek life is noticed on campus, but students say it doesn’t take over the social scene. UCLA is one of the only universities in the nation with a Lesbian Sorority and a Gay Fraternity.

There is certainly a lot of school spirit for the UCLA Bruins because, as a Division 1 team, they are the first university to have won over 100 NCAA National Championships and have now won 133. UCLA has won a gold medal at every Olympics since 1932 and has won 250 Olympic medals in total. Their biggest rival is the University of Southern California. The week before a matchup between these two schools, the university has a bonfire, a blood drive, and a concert.

The undergraduate application is currently open only on UCLA’s website. There is no Early Decision or Early Action at UCLA, but the final deadline for the application was Nov. 30. There is only one application for the University of California schools and if you fill out UCLA’s, it will also count for all the other UC schools. Last year, UCLA received over 113,000 applications, the most of any university in the United States, but the admissions department ensures each applicant is carefully considered as your application will be read by up to five different admissions officers.

  • Private/Public College: Public

  • Amount of Undergraduate Students: 31,002

  • Male to Female Ratio: 57.5% female 42.5% male

  • Student to Teacher Ratio: 18:1

  • Overall Cost: $63,669 academic year total for non-residential students

  • Percentage of Students on Financial Aid: more than 50%

  • Size of Endowment: 4.2 billion dollars

  • Location of School: Urban in Westwood Village, California 13 miles from L.A.

  • Acceptance Rate: 14%

  • Graduation Rate: 92% for students who enter as freshmen

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