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“UConn” Not Get Enough of UConn

“UConn” Not Get Enough of UConn

By Alison Murr

On Monday, Sept. 24, Alexandra Fragola, an admissions representative and class of 2018 graduate from the University of Connecticut, visited Northside. Fragola began the meeting by passing out informational booklets to the two students in attendance and giving out some basic information on the university.

Dubbed “UConn,” the University of Connecticut was founded in 1881 and is a public college. It  has four regional campuses: Avery Point, Hartford, Stamford, and Waterbury, as well as a main campus in Storrs. Students at the university have the ability to attend classes and reside at any of the five campuses. With over 4,100 acres between the five campuses, UConn has plenty of room for all 19,000 of its undergraduates. Although students may be more spread out at UConn compared to other colleges, students who attend UConn still meet hundreds of people during their time on campus. “By the end of my last year, I couldn’t go five feet without saying hi to someone I knew” said Fragola.

Fragola continued by mentioning more important facts about UConn. The cost of attendance for a year at UConn is about $49,500, which includes tuition, room and board, and other fees. UConn is also more than willing to work with students and help with the tuition costs; over 75% of students receive financial assistance from the university. Fragola then told the students about the statistics of the student body. 54% of students are either students of color or international students, and the male to female ratio is 1:1, and the teacher to student ratio is 16:1.

Fragola asked the students what extracurricular activities they were interested in before delving into some of UConn’s most popular clubs and sports, including the women's basketball team. The women’s team is nationally known for their 11 Division I championship wins, including their four wins in a row from 2013-2016. Besides the women’s basketball team, UConn has 23 other Division 1 sports teams. Students who are not looking to be part of a Division I team but still want to play sports also have plenty of options. Some of UConn’s popular traditions are “Oozeball,” which is volleyball played in the mud, and “Bubble Soccer,” which has the players encased in an inflatable torus while they play soccer. In addition, UConn has 698 clubs for students to join. One of the most popular clubs is Dramatic Pause, a theater club which puts on student-run and student-lead plays. Students who both wish to be in the spotlight and those who would rather work behind the scenes have a spot in the club.

When asked about studying abroad, Fragola mentioned the dozens of different options available to students. UConn offers many unique study abroad programs, including a “semester at sea,” where students spend a semester on a ship while continuing to take all of their classes. Talking about the semester she spent in London, Fragola mentioned the internship she was able to acquire through the university and, of course, the fun she had while overseas. “I had the time of my life studying abroad,” said Fragola, “I visited 16 countries, 19 cities, and two continents. I ate McDonalds french fries in 14 countries alone.”

The University of Connecticut offers many unique opportunities for students, with over 110 majors to choose from and the ability to create a personalized major. For more information on the university and all it has to offer, students can check out its website at

  • Private or public: Public

  • Size (only undergraduate): 19,000

  • Male to female ratio: 1:1

  • Student to professor ratio: 16:1

  • Price: $49,500

  • % of financial aid: 75%

  • Endowment numbers: $421.8 million

  • Environment/location: Storrs, Connecticut

  • Acceptance rate: 53%

  • Graduation rates: 81%

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