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UC Irvine -- Finally, A School With A Unique Mascot

UC Irvine -- Finally, A School With A Unique Mascot

By John Kim

College mascots are probably one of the least creative things in the world. Eagles, bulldogs, tigers, wildcats, and even mustangs can be seen all over colleges and high schools. For most colleges of your choice, the school’s mascot is probably also on multiple other schools across the country. However if you are a UC Irvine Anteater, this is not the case. From its unique mascot to its position as the filming location for movies such as “Ocean’s Eleven” and “Planet of the Apes”, it’s clear why UC Irvine is such a popular choice.

 UC Irvine is a one of the ten public campuses in the University of California (UC) system and located in Irvine, California. UC Irvine offers 80 undergraduate degrees and 98 graduate and professional degrees. Classified as a Research I university, UC Irvine also offers a top notch graduate education. With the $869.5 million in endowment providing the university with state-of-art facilities, students have access to a Biomolecular Spectrometry Facility that features a 800 mhz NMR spectrometer and a nuclear reactor. The nuclear reactor was built in 1968 and since then, it has been assisting countless students and professors in their research at the school. The reactor also attracts various visitors to take a tour of the reactor. UC Irvine is one of the select few universities that houses nuclear reactors. Reactors aren’t the only state of art facilities UC Irvine has to offer its students. In fact, because the university is constantly expanding its campus and improving its facilities, many UC Irvine students refer to UCI as “Under Construction Indefinitely”.

 Being part of the UC system, UC Irvine shares a lot in common with its siblings in the UC system. With 29,307 undergraduate students and 47% to 53% male to female ratio, Irvine’s diverse demographics offers its students a unique experience. In addition, Irvine has a 18:1 student to teacher ratio and has 38.7% acceptance rate, coupled with 86.5% graduation rate. California is a very attractive location for many students to attend school. The suburban location of Irvine, California is a less than two hour drive from Los Angeles, which provides a nice mix of the vibes of a small college town and the urban feeling of a big city college. UC Irvine’s tight-knit bond with its location is one of the notable attributes of the university. The university is actually the second largest employer in Irvine, and generates $4.8 billion for the county.

UC Irvine is pretty impactful in environmental sustainability, with the Sierra Club naming UCI the “coolest” school as part of the group’s annual environmental sustainability ranking of U.S. colleges. UC Irvine’s campus is also very appealing to students who enjoy nature, as there are more than 24,000 trees planted on campus, including 33 species of eucalyptus.

It is commonly known that UC Irvine, as one of the UC schools, is very hard to get into and receive financial aid from if one is not from California. However, UC Irvine does offer its applicants the Regents’ Scholarship. This scholarship is part of the UC system and is a merit based scholarship that will award students $2,500 per academic year and provide other privileges to UC Irvine, such as priority course enrollment and guaranteed on campus housing.

 The UC Irvine Anteaters participate in NCAA’s Division 1 as members of the Big West Conference which contains three fellow UC schools. While not the most well known school for its sports, the Anteaters have won 28 national championships in nine different team sports, as well as 64 individual national championships. The most exciting news to Northsiders, however, is probably the fact that dance culture is huge in UC Irvine. Wandering around the campus, you will most likely notice flourishing dance scenes of different teams practicing, not too unlike of the I-Night dances at Northside. One of the largest social events in UC Irvine is the “Welcome Week” for the All UCI 7 Dance Battle, a showcase for seven different dance teams where they compete for a prize.


Despite not being the most well-known UC school, UC Irvine is a choice to consider if the blend of a large public school with a quaint suburban location is your cup of tea.



  • Public

  • 29,307 undergraduate students

  • 47% to 53% male to female

  • 18:1 student to teacher ratio

  • $43,530 cost (non-resident)

  • 75% receive financial aid

  • Endowment of $869.5 million

  • Irvine, California (suburban)

  • 38.7% acceptance rate

  • 86.5% graduation rate

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