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Did You Say Mellon, Carnegie Mellon?

Did You Say Mellon, Carnegie Mellon?

BY Klaudia Jablonska

Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Carnegie Mellon University is a private university with an undergraduate population of 6,400 students. Located five miles from downtown Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon is known for its electrical and computer engineering majors. Since these are the most selective majors, in order to be able to declare one of these programs as your major, it is required for students to be admitted directly into these electrical or computer engineering.  In addition, computer science is always at or above capacity of students; therefore, interested students must select it as the major they are enrolling in at time of admission because it is not possible to transfer into the major later in the school year. At Carnegie Mellon, it is required to be admitted to the specific college of your choosing. The colleges include the College of Engineering, College of Fine Arts, Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Science, Mellon College of Science, School of Computer Science, and Tepper School of Business. This year, the School of Computer Science was founded, allowing students to have a more direct experience and variety of opportunities in this field.

For students who are still undecided on their major, the admissions officer of Carnegie Mellon provided suggestions during the presentation for Northside College Prep students. It was explained that for anyone interested in computer science, it is important to note that computer science is a very math oriented subject, so if math is not your strongest subject, students may want to reconsider. For students who might struggle with math, the Information Systems Program is something to consider for anyone interested in coding but not too keen on math. Furthermore, the officer provided some important information for any prospective students interested in majoring in business and/or economics. The Business Program at Carnegie Mellon is very rigorous when it comes to math because it is very quantitative and has a heavy emphasis on data analysis. If a student is not very comfortable with math, they should consider Economics, because it is not as focused on math as the Business Program is.

Among the different colleges located at Carnegie Mellon, there is a vast array of majors to choose from. Some of the most popular programs offered are in the School of Drama, Statistics and Data Science Department, Biological Sciences Department, and the Business Administration. The Business Administration Bachelor’s Degree is a holistic overview of various economic factors including accounting, finance, marketing, and more.

For any students considering the Pre-Med track in college, you are in luck because Carnegie Mellon offers this program called Health Professions. It is not a problem f a student is still undecided on whether they want to pursue a medical degree because the Health Professions Program can be taken with any major and can be started as early as the first semester. This track is very fluid, so if a student loses interest in the medical field they are welcome to drop it at any point in time. Students enrolled in the Mellon College of Science are required to have a certain amount of volunteer hours before graduation, because typically these students are on the Health Professions track and would benefit from community service that can prove to be helpful in the future.

Carnegie Mellon is a Common Application school, which can prove to be useful information when applying for colleges and universities. Along with the Common Application, the school requires you to write supplementals, which include three short prompts that are 250 words each. Carnegie Mellon also recommends certain SAT Subject Tests for the different colleges, so if a student is interested in applying to Carnegie Mellon, they can have a stronger application by including these tests. The university has Early Decision and Regular Decision deadlines, but no Early Action program. It is important to note that a student can drop an Early Decision offer if their financial package is not affordable for them or their family.

For more information, the website is

  • Private

  • Amount of Undergraduate Students: 6,400 students

  • Male to Female Ratio: 51/49

  • Student to Teacher Ratio: 13/1

  • Overall Cost: $55,465

  • Percentage of Students on Financial Aid: N/A

  • $ Size of Endowment: $1.7 billion

  • Location of School: Urban- Pittsburgh, PA

  • Acceptance Rate: 24%

  • Graduation Rate: 88%

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