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Is Cardinal Stritch University Worth The Risk?

Is Cardinal Stritch University Worth The Risk?

By Edward Kasule

As a small, cost-friendly university with a 77% acceptance rate, Cardinal Stritch is, without a doubt, enticing. Located outside downtown Milwaukee, CSU is home to 2,500 on-campus students. The average student to teacher ratio is 14:1, which is noticeably lower than the national college average, 18:1. The average cost of tuition after aid is way below the national average at $19,000, and CSU boasts strong connections to businesses and internship opportunities. Its top majors are nursing, education, and business. The school also features a newly implemented criminal justice program. Cardinal Stritch is also “community service oriented,” meaning that there are a lot of outreach and service learning opportunities. However, there is one very concerning statistic: the 56% graduation rate.

At just over half of the students graduating, this statistic tells a grave story of colleges with a lower tuition. Often times, they do not tend to produce the best results. However, there are clear advantages to these schools. The low student-to-teacher ratio allows for better in-class interaction and shared attention among all students. Another major upside is the price of tuition. $19,000 after financial aid is definitely cheaper than schools who have prices ranging from $25,000-$40,000.

Cardinal Strich may be held back by its relatively low graduation rates, but is also very accessible for prospective students who are unable to afford the high tuitions of elite universities. The university is known for its opportunities in business, nursing, and education programs that can be achieved despite the cheap tuition. As a small school with very good student-to-teacher ratio, it may not well known, but it can definitely get the job done.

  • Private

  • 1,543

  • 1:14

  • $42,654 per year

  • % of financial aid

  • 27.8 Million Dollars

  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin(right outside downtown)

  • 77%

  • 56%

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