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Is IIT the One?

Is IIT the One?

By Klaudia Jablonska

Located in Chicago, Illinois, Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) is a private university with a strong background in computer science, engineering, and architecture. The most popular major at IIT is engineering, with over 50% of its students are involved in. As a result, the College of Science and the Armour College of Engineering are the most competitive colleges to get into at Illinois Tech. When students apply to IIT, they apply specifically to their major. If you are unsure of what you have planned ahead of you, there is no need to worry, as IIT offers many options for its unique students. Students are also not required to choose their major until their sophomore year. When applying, however, students will either apply to undecided engineering, undecided science, or general undecided, which includes majors in the business, applied technology, and humanities field.

The Illinois Institute of Technology has a fairly small undergraduate population at about 3,000 students with 4,000 graduate students. Although it may seem unfavorable at first, this large population of graduate students gives IIT undergraduate students access to similar research opportunities as a graduate student. In fact, students can connect with the faculty members at IIT before classes begin, and allow them to get a head start on their research.

Furthermore, a smaller population of undergraduate students allows for closer relationships with professors, as class sizes average to about 22 students per class. The largest class size is 65 students, but even this kind of class would most likely be an introductory course like Calculus 101 or Biology 101. As the courses become major specific and more difficult, class sizes tend to get smaller so that students are able to understand the material and have the option of getting direct help from the professor..

The Illinois Institute of Technology also offers students co-terminal degrees that can fast-track students on roads to their careers. This special program allows students to complete both their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in as little as five years. For example, students can get a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and then complete their Master’s degree in Finance. This is just one option among over 50 other different educational routes offered at IIT. The best part about this program is that students keep their undergraduate scholarships in their fifth year, meaning that if a student was granted a full tuition scholarship for their undergraduate program, the scholarship would transfer into their fifth year.

The Illinois Institute of Technology is a very generous school when it comes to scholarships, but students must adhere to the school’s scholarship deadlines. Most full and partial tuition scholarships, with one scholarship including the cost of room and board, must be turned in by Dec. 1, so it is important to send in an application by this time to be considered for such scholarships (although some scholarships do not need an additional application). Chicago Public Schools students, with an Adjusted Gross Income of $60,000 or less, that are Pell eligible through FAFSA are eligible for a full ride scholarship to the Illinois Institute of Technology; this application is due January 15.

IIT’s programs are not limited to their college students. . The Illinois Institute of Technology has a Global Leaders Program for high school sophomores. A free, two year program for Chicago-area high school students, the Global Leaders Program focuses on helping students gain authentic learning experiences and develop leaderships skills, while also taking steps towards their college and future careers. The Global Leaders Program is devoted to helping Chicago youth pursue higher education by connecting students with STEM professionals and providing students career development opportunities, workshops, and field strips. Overall, the Illinois Institute of Technology is a place for students to thrive and stay focused on their paths to success.

  • Private

  • Number of Undergraduate Students: 3,000 students

  • Male/Female Ratio: 69.9/30.1

  • Student/Teacher Ratio: 12/1

  • Overall Cost: $47,646 (additional $13,192 for room and board)

  • Percentage of Students on Financial Aid: More than 98%

  • Size of Endowment: $241.9 million in 2017

  • Location of School: Urban- Chicago, IL

  • Acceptance Rate: 53%

  • Graduation Rate: 65%

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