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The University of Chicago: Hub of Opportunities

The University of Chicago: Hub of Opportunities

By Kevin Rueda

The University of Chicago, a private university, has long been known for its academic excellence and competitive admissions. With an acceptance rate of only 7.2%, UChicago has one of the most competitive admission processes in the nation.  For these reasons, it was no surprise to students when US News unveiled their “2019 Best Colleges,” and the University of Chicago was ranked at third, tied with Columbia University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Despite its reputation for excellent academics, the University of Chicago is much more than that. UChicago provides students with a vast number of opportunities in careers, athletics, and personal development. The university is rich in resources that allow students to explore and develop their own passions. Because of its wide appeal to prospective students, on Sept. 12, a representative from the university came to Northside to speak students about the school and student life on campus.

The University of Chicago is home to nearly 6,000 undergraduates with a 52% to 48% male to female ratio. The beautiful 217-acre campus is located in Chicago’s Hyde Park and is only minutes from downtown. The university campus is always bustling with activity, whether there is an ongoing event or students are simply roaming around. There is a strong sense of community and students can expect to develop deep and meaningful relationships with other students and faculty members. Ms. Yaneth Bello, the University of Chicago’s admissions representative, said, “[Students are] united on campus through their love and desire for knowledge.”

The University of Chicago offers students various co-curricular and extracurricular activities to choose from. The university currently has over 450 student-led clubs and organizations. Some of these student-led activities include a Zombie Readiness Task Force, a Quidditch league, and the Chicago Shady Dealer, a satirical newspaper that resembles The Onion. The University of Chicago is also home to a successful Quizbowl team that has won several regional and national championships. In addition, UChicago offers a wide variety of sports programs, whether you play casually or competitively, including NCAA Division III college athletics, semi-competitive club level sports, and intramural sports for beginners. As Bello said, “There is something for everyone.”

One of the biggest factors that contributes to a student’s college decision-making is paying for their education. Bello focused heavily on UChicago’s No Barriers policy which ensures that each student is given the opportunity to achieve lifelong success, no matter their background or financial situation. UChicago offers a plethora of grants, financial-aid, and scholarships which are both merit and need-based. The Odyssey Scholarship supports low-income and first generation students through need-based financial support, funded internships, and research opportunities. The University of Chicago guarantees a free tuition for students whose family income is under $125,000, and free tuition, lodging, mandatory fees, and resources for students whose family income is under $60,000. In addition, merit based scholarships include National Merit Finalist Scholarship, Chicago Public Schools Scholarship, Chicago Police and Fire Scholarship, National Hispanic Recognition Program Scholarship, and many more. The University’s No Barriers philosophy and series of financial aid opportunities allows for students of all backgrounds, situations, and experiences to prioritize on their education.

The University of Chicago also provides a slew of career based opportunities. With a 6:1 student to faculty ratio, students are exposed to a tremendous amount of support and resources. “Students have direct access to knowledge,” said Bello. The university offers undergraduate students access to over 160 research centers, including The Institute for Molecular Engineering and The Marine Biological Laboratory. The university also offers undergraduates access to over 2,000 paid and substantial internships through The Jeff Metcalf Internship Program. Additionally, UChicago provides over 50 study abroad opportunities in places such as Beijing, Athens, Barcelona, London, Istanbul, and more.  Furthermore, there are several on-campus career managers and counselors that are dedicated to helping students map out their post-graduate plan. These managers have connections to their respective fields and can provide students with access to programs and internships to help launch their careers.

The University of Chicago is an excellent choice for students who seek universities with an environment that nurtures both passions and high achieving academics. The school’s resources in careers, personal endeavors, and athletics allows for students to pursue their passions. The university’s location in Chicago is perfect for students who wish to stay close to home while accessing phenomenal facilities and unparalleled academic opportunities. For more information, visit the University of Chicago website at

  • Private or Public: Private

  • Size (only undergraduate): ≈6000 students

  • Male:Female Ratio: 52:48

  • Students:Faculty Ratio: 6:1

  • Tuition Cost: $55k

  • Cost of Attendance: $74k

  • Average Cost after Financial Aid: $26k

  • Endowment: $7.82 Billion

  • Urban or Rural: Urban

  • Location: Chicago, IL.

  • Acceptance Rate: 8%

  • Graduation Rate: 93%



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