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By Klaudia Jablonska

Located in rural Rolla, Missouri, Missouri University of Science and Technology is a must see public university with a wide array of majors to choose from. The most popular majors include Mechanical Engineering (the most popular major), and computer science. The university does not require any letters of recommendation or essays; they solely look at a student’s GPA and test scores, both the SAT or ACT, which makes for an easy application for Northside students.

The Missouri University of Science and Technology has an acceptance rate of 88%, with an undergraduate class size of about 6,920 students and a graduation rate of about 63%. Students are encouraged to participate in any of the over 100 study-abroad programs offered by the university, with the most popular programs based in London and Sydney. As thousands of students are interested in participating in research programs or internships, the university has hundreds of opportunities for students to get involved in. Last year’s students earned over $16 million through internships or co-ops, with 394 total internships and 486 reported co-op hires. Interns and co-op hires typically earn about $3400 a month, so if a student were to take a semester off to work (which the university allows), a student could earn roughly $30,000 in about 9 months.

The Missouri University of Science and Technology utilizes a semester-based scheduling system and has a student to teacher ratio of 19:1. This allows students to receive ample assistance from their professors. With an endowment fund of about $176 million, the university grants various scholarships to its students an. All merit based scholarships are automatic, and their online scholarship database can match you with any scholarships you are eligible for. For example, just by living in Illinois you can get an extra scholarship, and for women, a simple check of the box gives you get a one thousand dollar scholarship.

There are tons of fun activities to do in Missouri near campus. The university has many design programs, where student-led teams compete with race cars, robots, or rockets to understand the problem-solving and teamwork that goes into successfully developing products, as well as learning skills that can help students their future careers. The activity is open to students of any major and is highly encouraged by the university so that students can integrate themselves into the campus community. Students can also visit the various parks, lakes, and rivers located nearby campus, as well as participate in club sports such as skydiving. Many students are also fans of the local bowling alley and skating rinks, or may also go canoeing, camping, or play ultimate frisbee in their spare time.

Some of the most popular NCAA Division II male sports teams at the Missouri University of Science and Technology include football, basketball, baseball, and swimming; popular women's sports include: softball, volleyball, track, and cross country. The university also has an vast number of traditions. Because the school’s mascot, Saint Patrick, is the patron saint of engineers, it only makes sense that a school that started out as an engineering school would have a big celebration for St. Patrick’s Day. On St. Patrick’s Day, students make floats to ride in the parade, throw beads off the floats and into the parade, and select a king and queen of the court for the parade. The parade takes place all throughout campus, and many of the schools’ fraternities and sororities get involved hosting games and events to celebrate the holiday.

When looking at the Missouri University of Science, remember the school’s motto, “Miners dig deeper,” and make sure to explore Missouri University of Science and Technology’s website; don’t just click on one page, but make sure to dig deeper and learn more information about the school.

  • Public

  • Size (only undergraduate): 6,920

  • Male to female / teacher to student ratio: 23.3:76.7 / 19:1

  • Price: In State- $23,141 ; Out of State-$41,003

  • Endowment numbers: $176 million

  • Environment/location: Rural; Rolla, Missouri

  • Acceptance rate: 88%

  • Graduation rates: 63%

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