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Tulane’s Green Wave Rolls to Northside

Tulane’s Green Wave Rolls to Northside

By Yonatan Derbew

When most students think of New Orleans, Louisiana, the first thing that comes to mind is Mardi Gras. They seem to forget that Tulane University, one of the nation’s top universities, is located there. Tulane is a private research institution with an undergraduate population of about 8,000 students. It is located in a vibrant city and has an acceptance rate of 31 percent, making it one of the more competitive schools to visit Northside. The tuition is about $32,000 after need-based financial aid, but students may also be considered for merit scholarships. Students are also recommended to apply early action or early decision, because it not only increases their chances of acceptance, but also allows them to receive more financial aid.

Tulane offers many unique programs that its counterparts do not. Once students are accepted into Tulane, they are immediately admitted into all five schools: architecture, liberal arts, medicine, engineering, and business. Students also have the opportunity to double or triple major, which one-third of students choose to do so. Tulane also has a strong academic support system in place so that academic help is available for any student who may need it. Tulane also offers over one hundred study abroad programs to various locations across the globe.

Since college freshmen often have a hard time adjusting from high school to college life, Tulane’s system is set up so that all students are able to succeed. They have tutors and programs outside of classes so that students can receive help from other students or their professors. Tulane’s student-faculty ratio is 8:1, allowing students to spend more time individually with their professors. In addition, Tulane also helps its students find internships and job opportunities before and after they graduate. It is easy to see that Tulane is a university that ensures that its students succeed in academics and in life.

Tulane also offers a large assortment of intercollegiate sports for students. With sports such as football, basketball, and baseball in the NCAA Division I, students have countless chances to show off their athletic abilities. In fact, the Tulane’s men’s tennis and baseball teams have both won conference championships in the last two years. If students decide not to join a varsity sport, they still have the opportunity to join one of Tulane’s 35 club sports.

Because housing is guaranteed for all four years, students have the opportunity to explore the campus and its surrounding environment. Many Tulane students believe that the school’s environment is one of its best components. Students always have something to do, and have access to different opportunities and hobbies to engage with. Off campus, students are able to go to one of New Orleans’ many restaurants and indulge themselves. They also have the ability to take water tours on the Mississippi River and see the surrounding ecosystem. Most importantly, Tulane allows its students to explore not only New Orleans but also their interests. For Northside students applying to college, Tulane is an ideal option for students who are looking for  a college where they can enjoy themselves, meet new people, and receive a world-class education.

  • Male female ratio: 3:4

  • Student faculty ratio: 8:1

  • Private or public: Private

  • Tuition:$50,000

  • Undergraduate size: 8,435

  • Environment: Urban city

  • Endowment: $1.2 billion

  • % of students that receive financial aid: 69%

  • Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

  • Acceptance rate: 31%

  • Graduation rate: 83%

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