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Meet The Freshman: Abeye Kebe

Meet The Freshman: Abeye Kebe

by Guy Lohoua

Meet the freshman Abeye Kebe, Adv. 106.

What were you most worried about when coming to Northside? Has that changed?

I most worried about the amount of homework I would get everyday. I also had no idea about which clubs to join, or how I would deal with a high school schedule. This was all before I knew about block schedules. I love block scheduling. It gives relief, because you aren’t overwhelmed by the number of classes like in other schools. The schedule really helps when it comes to doing homework because it gives you more time.

What scary rumors have you heard so far?

I heard that it is one of the best schools and that if you do not try your hardest it is easy to fall behind and fail. I also heard that it is not a school where you can have fun, but I have only heard that from people who go to different schools.

What clubs are you interested in? Why?

I wanted to play sports, specifically soccer, but I had no idea when the practices were happening. I just recently heard that they started over the summer. I definitely intend to join next year.

Which class is nothing like you thought it would be?

Geometry, because I thought that it would be full of testing and be extremely complicated right from the beginning, but the teacher is really easing us into the classwork. Mr. George is making it really easy to understand right now. I have a feeling it is going to get a lot harder, though.

Where do you see yourself in three years?

I see myself as a senior doing well in all my classes, completely adjusted to life in high school, no longer getting lost in the hallways, knowing and doing exactly what I need to do, and hopefully a lot smarter.

Final comments?

I can tell I am going to have fun here. For any future freshmen, I think that it is worthwhile coming to Northside.


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