Monash: The Right School for Students Going Abroad

Monash: The Right School for Students Going Abroad

by Tyler O’Brien

Monash University is a research based university in the heart of Melbourne, Australia, and offers a welcoming community and lots of options for all students from all around the world. Monash is both an undergraduate and graduate university, and offers research degrees and study abroad programs. Their undergraduate programs can take anywhere from three to five years, and they offer undergraduate degrees in STEM, medicine, education, art, and business fields. The university prides itself in having flexible study options, and offers double degrees, part-time study, and online and distance study. Students can expect to pay around $20,000-$30,000 a year for undergraduate courses. However, the university does accept American financial aid loans and grants, such as the Pell Grant, and also offers Australian scholarships.

Admission to the university is based solely on academics, and the university has no Greek life, since it isn’t an American university. It does, however, offer many student run clubs and extracurriculars, which are proud of giving their students opportunity for growth. Monash admits on a rolling intake, meaning students can enroll at any time. Monash prides itself in being accepting of all people, and their dorms come in all shapes and sizes, such as singular units, or “regular” co-ed dorms. There are gender separated dorms as well.

The community surrounding Monash’s dorms is populated and diverse. There are coffee shops, restaurants, and stores all about. Potentially, students would never need to leave campus. However, students are not required to live on campus either, and can live in Melbourne instead. A city full or rich cultural offerings, Melbourne is a coastal city that is welcoming to all people. The University of Monash is all-in-all a great fit for students who want to get out and experience the world, with its diverse offerings and ample financial aid.



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