Women’s Water Polo Senior Day

Women’s Water Polo Senior Day

by Natalie Wilczek

On April 18, Northside’s women water polo team made their senior day a memorable one. They played against Taft High School, taking the win with a score of 11-2. Northside’s water polo team consists of girls from both Northside and Von Steuben High School. The team walked into the game with a competitive drive, every girl on the team ready to make the seniors proud on their special day.

The girls knew what they were doing during their match, especially during the first quarter. Kimberly Acosta, Adv. 007, started off the game right with many intense passes, intimidating the other team. Taft High School tried to keep up with Northside, but Colette Conway of Von Steuben High School made the first goal within the first few minutes of the game. Starting off the game with a lead, Elizabeth Zelenka, Adv. 700, came in with outstanding offense that led to the second goal. Taft took a shot at the goalie, but Skye Pacelt of Von Steuben High School did not let this affect the way she continued to defend her team. Acosta continued to show that she is a team player. With superlative ball control and rebounds, Acosta and Joanne Phan, Adv. 806, were able to work together and end the first quarter with 3 goals.

Going into the second quarter of the game, Rhayven White, Adv. 705, started the game off confidently with the fourth goal. The hustle she presented was indomitable and assertive enough to give Northside a fifth goal. White was not the only star of the second quarter; Phan and Acosta made sure to remind everyone of their fierce presence. Acosta and White finished the first half of the game working together and attacking the goal. Acosta, as one of the youngest team players, made sure to make her seniors proud with a sixth goal. Phan also presented herself as a dependable team player because of the defense position she was playing. With the defense and offense only getting better, goalies Stefania Betti, Adv. 902, and Pacelt, had an easy game.

Defense started off the third quarter with a strenuous entrance. As a field player, the one who swims up and down the field of play, Phan continued making rebounds and attacks throughout the match. Betti did not let the deep end of the pool hold her back when it came to saving goals against Taft. She presented nothing but confident saves.

It was not too long before Nina Robinson, Adv. 911, got in the game and gave Northside two more goals. Conway did not end the game before making two more goals for Northside. With a leading score of 10 to 2, Northside knew senior day was going to end with only smiles and cheers. Sarah Scotese, Adv. 708, ended the game with the eleventh goal. The rest of the team in the bleachers was happy to see their fellow graduating Mustangs have a memorable senior day. Zelenka, White, Scotese, Sara Kelly, Adv. 706, and Alexandra Sawin, Adv. 706, were all of the seniors for Northside’s 2017 Water Polo team. Due to malfunctions with the speaker, there were no speeches for the seniors, but this did not dampen the team’s pride in each other’s accomplishments as swimmers. The season is not over yet for these ladies, and everyone is expecting them to finish strong. Best of luck to our lady Mustangs!


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