Power Rangers: A New Twist on a Campy Classic

Power Rangers: A New Twist on a Campy Classic

by Jimmy Lynn

When going to watch Dean Israelite’s new “Power Rangers” movie in theaters, you might expect a familiar childish plot with mediocre acting and special effects. Instead, this film will leave viewers pleasantly surprised with a refreshingly original and intriguing storyline that an audience of all ages would enjoy. I would recommend the movie to former fans of the “Power Rangers” TV show, fans of science fiction, and fans of action movies alike.

The 2017 reboot of the “Power Rangers” franchise attempts to separate itself from the cheesy fight scenes, poor acting, and overall juvenile appeal of the TV show of the 90s. Many crucial plot pieces are the same, with the movie centering around five seemingly ordinary teenagers. Each teen has a unique backstory that is shared with the audience through surprisingly excellent acting from a relatively unknown young cast of actors as the main characters (including female rapper Becky G). United in teen rebellion amid small personal crises, the five high school students discover the “Power Coins” in an abandoned gold mine after blowing it up with explosives. After fleeing the scene, the teenagers learn that the Power Coins enabled them with the same superpowers owned by the prehistoric Power Rangers. Elsewhere, the discovery of the Power Coins resurrects the original green Power Ranger, Rita Repulsa (played by Elizabeth Banks), who betrayed the original Power Rangers before being sent to the bottom of the ocean by a meteor strike. The five new Rangers, with the help of Zordon, the original Red Ranger, harness their newfound abilities in an attempt to save the world from Repulsa and her scheme.

While the simplified plot overview seems basic and campy, the performances of the young cast and modern special effects create a highly entertaining movie-going experience for fans of action and science fiction. It is clear that the franchise is making a solid effort to appeal to an audience comprised of all ages, somewhat forcing bits of adult humor and overly dramatic violence in order to earn a PG-13 rating. Despite the desire to distance itself from the children’s show, “Power Rangers” still holds a nostalgic yet corny overall sentiment. Though the experience was enjoyable and recommendable for anyone, the best audience for the movie would still have to be younger children into the action of “Power Rangers.”


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