Case Study Night

Case Study Night

by: Kathryn Merck

“I don’t have the GPA or the test scores to attend by dream school.” Almost everyone considering applying to a college or university has said these words. However, Northside’s Case Study Night proves to students that there is much more in the college admissions process than most think.

On Thursday, May 25, from 6 to 8 PM, Northside held a Mock College Admission Workshop for students and parents. Participants met in small student-only and parent-only groups in classrooms to evaluate mock college admissions applications. Each group was led by actual admissions officers from a cross-section of both colleges and universities such as the University of Cincinnati, Lawrence College, Northwestern University, and the University of Chicago.

“We were placed into groups and given the transcripts of three different students,” Myles Friedman, Adv. 800, told the Hoofbeat. “Though each student had different scores in the classroom, the students varied in their backgrounds and extracurriculars. It helped me realize that the college admissions process considers much more than just grades ”

“I thought that meeting with the college representatives helped me understand where my focus should be in regards to applying for college. I found the distinction between the kind of voice you should be using on your main essay (more about the student) compared to your supplemental essays (how you fit into the college) was very informative,” Sarah Katherine Loos, Adv. 807, told the Hoofbeat. “It gave an in-depth view of the application process from the viewpoint of the admissions officers,” stated Eleanor Fleming, Adv. 800.

Earlier in the week, an X-Block for juniors featured selected seniors explaining their college application process. Similar to Case Study Night, the X-Block showed juniors that all  students have their own individual stories and goals they want to accomplish after high school. The X-Block and Case Study Night together helped students realize that all different types of students can attend a single university. Samir Al-Ali, Adv. 706, told the Hoofbeat that he wishes they had offered the X-block for the class of 2017 . “I think it would have been helpful to receive the perspectives of people who had just finished the college application process.”

If you missed Case Study Night, there are plenty of other events the counseling department has scheduled to help ease the start of the college application process. A financial aid university representative will speak to NCP families about the FAFSA application process on Tuesday, May 30 from 6 to 7 PM. For other future events, check the counseling website.


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